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July 4, 2024 Celebration 




JBPHH will be performing a 21 Gun Salute in honor of Independence Day starting at 1200 on Thursday, 04 July 2024.  One round will be fired every five seconds from Ford Island 40mm battery position.

a. The 4th of July celebration will be held onboard Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam at Ward Field and on the grassy fields by the fleet store from 1600 to 2100 on Thursday, 4 July 2024. To support this event, there will be traffic pattern modifications and street, parking and area closures.


b. Expect increased traffic at all entry points, please plan accordingly and allow additional time for commuting. JBPHH will have additional personnel at key gates (Nimitz, O’Malley, Makalapa, Borchers and Ford Island) when the RIMPAC events will cause increased traffic. Some gates will have extended hours.

c.  The 2024 RIMPAC will be the largest yet, with 40 surface ships, three submarines, over 150 aircraft and more than 25,000 personnel participating. For JBPHH, the biggest impacts will be seen during the harbor phase (27 June through 7 July). All U.S. sailors and personnel are reminded that tours aboard foreign vessels should be treated as if stepping onto foreign soil.


d.  OPEN SHIP DAY, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, is usually a popular event and is planned for Saturday, 6 July, 0800-1600.  Participating Navy ships:


(1)      CNS Almirante Condell (FF 06) (Chile)

(2)       INS Shivalik (FF 47) (India)

(3)       BAP Pisco (AMP 156) (Peru)

(4)       HMAS Sydney (DOG 46) (Australia)

(5)       JS Haguro (DOG 180) (Japan)

(6)       JS Kunisaki (LST 4003) (Japan)

(7)       ROKN Yulgok Yi-I (DDG 992) (Korea)

(8)       ROKN Choi Yeong (DOH 981) (Korea)

(9)       ROKN Cheon Ja Bong (LST 768) (Korea)

(10)     ROKN Lee Beom-seok (SS 081) (Korea)

(11)     ARM Benito Juarez (FF 101) (Mexico)

(12)     ARM Usumacinta (A 11) (Mexico)

(13)     ITS Raimondo Montecuccoli (P 432) (Italy)

(14)     RSS Stalwart (72) (Singapore)

(15)     USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) (USA)

(16)     USS Kidd (DDG 100) (USA)

(17)     USS Somerset (LPD 25) (USA)

(18)     USS Gridley (DDG 101) (USA)

(19)     USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54) (USA)

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