Special Event

The January Event has been Postponed to February



MOAA National



Executive Committee Roster


President: Mark Webster, LCDR, USN (Ret) 734-5994   
Vice President Mike Fricano, USAF 487-1851
Secretary: Fred Staedel, USAF 445-1454
Treasurer: John Kim, LTC, USAF (Ret ) 780-5901

Standing Committees

Chaplain:           Vacant
Community Affairs:      John Ma, BG, USA, BG (Ret) 486-4805
JROTC/ROTC:   Toni Correia, LTC, USA 721-0401
Legislative Liaison: Robert Lee, MG, USA (Ret) 486-1488
Membership: Mark Webster, USN 734-5994
Personal Affairs:   Lou Crompton, LTC, USAF (Ret) 526-3022  
Program Chairman: Michael Fricano, COL, USAF (Ret) 487-1851
Publications / PR: Mark Webster, USN 734-5994
Surviving Spouses: Jayne Henley-Davis 263-4248
Veterans Affairs: Vacant    

Activity Committees (Ex-officio - non-voting)  

Golf: Walt Kinoshita, COL, USA (Ret) 395-9570  
Golf: Curtis Lee, COL, USA (Ret) 836-6733

Bob Ranaldo

(Civilian Volunteer)

H: (203) 726-7958 

C: (203) 758-1898

Scholarship Fund Trustees

John Ma, USA 


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